What is IOT (Internet of Things)

The Internet of things (IoT) describes physical objects (or groups of such objects) with sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet or other communications networks. The Internet of things has been considered a misnomer because devices do not need to be connected to the public internet; they only need to be connected to a network and be individually addressable.

In addition to our superior cabling services, we are also highly rated in the design and installation of all Internet of Things (IoT). In addition to our superior cabling services, we also provide; Audio Visual and sound masking solutions, IP Video Surveillance, IP Audio Paging, and bell ring with an emergency notification system, Wi-Fi design and Installation, interactive digital board installation, VoIP solutions, conference room booking software, and tablet.

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  • Wireless LAN design, heat mapping, and WAP installation
  • VSS / CCTV design and IP camera installation
  • Conference room management design and device installation services
  • IP climate control and IP sensor installation
  • IP door access control system design and installation
  • VoIP system design and installation services
  • Asset tracking design and installation
  • Sound masking design and installation
  • Digital signage design & installation
  • IP Audio Paging and bell ring with an emergency notification system
  • Interactive digital board installation

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